How To Make The Told To Fold Swan

Step One:


Fold the paper in half so that two opposite corners line up.


Step Two:

Fold two opposite corners into the middle so that they line up with the crease you have just made.


Step Three:

Fold one of the outside corners over so that it goes halfway past the center line.

Step Four:

Take the previous fold and fold it back on itself so that it lines up with the outside edge.

Step Five:

Redo step three and four for the other side.

Step Six:

Admire your work from the previous steps, continue.





Step Seven:

Fold the thin side just past the top of the thicker side.


Step Eight:

Fold in half length ways then bend the thin part up.


Step Nine:

Bend down the tip of the thin part to become the head.


You have been told to fold

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